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Market Street    Lafayette


Having been a stylist for 18 years, Stephanie brings her enthusiasm, passion, and drive for the hair industry to Soleil 7 Hair Salon. When asked by guests and students if she favors hair cutting or hair coloring her response is both. Stephanie feels that haircutting as well as coloring can forever change how a guest feels and how they view themselves. She holds close to her heart the motto ‘Beauty is as Beauty does’. What brings a smile to Stephanie’s face is bringing out the beauty in you. Aveda’s Pure Abundance Volumizing Tonic is Stephanie’s personal favorite.

Flagship – Lafayette St.

Angela has been in the hair industry for 7 years and graduated from the Aveda Institute. Her main passion is for blondes but she loves any other color transformation just as much. Her favorite Aveda Hair Care line is the Dry Remedy of course! She is great with curly and textured hair.

Hannah is an Aveda Institute Tallahassee graduate and has been with Soleil 7 since 2015. She is certified in VoMor Hair Extensions and loves big color transformations. She is our Salon Coach and Team Leader of the Lafayette St. Location. Hannah is a well-rounded stylist in all aspects of hair and her favorite product is Cooling Oil for its healing and cooling purposes.
Kim graduated from Aveda Institue Tallahassee & became licensed in 2020! She also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Middle Georgia State University. Kim Is a proud Latina, and hair to her is a symbol of beauty and empowerment to all women. Since she graduated AIT, she has had the great opportunity to be assistant to Soleil 7 Salon Owner, Stephanie Borras, and has learned so much very quickly! She has a passion for making people feel good and gets excited to see her clients love her work and feel good when they leave her chair! Kim hopes to continue gaining experience and specialize in the latest hair and color techniques to be able to offer array of services for different textures of hair and makeup trends. Kim also has experience doing beautiful, sleek blow-dries, on wavy/ curly textures & loves to use Nutriplenish on all hair types!

Courtney is the Salon Manager for the Lafayette St. Location and loves working with our team and guests to ensure that each and every person experiences the Aveda Way while in our Salon. She wants every guest to feel like they are a part of our extended Soleil 7 family. Courtney is a Florida State Alumni with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology as well as Criminology. The study of people has always fascinated her and she loves what she does because she is surrounded by different types of people every day. Her favorite Aveda products include the BK Toning Mist and Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil.

Isabella is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Tallahassee. She is a very good listener and is passionate about helping people look their best whether that’s with a Balayage Highlight, a fun Haircut, or a fresh new Makeup look. Her favorite Aveda products are everything dry remedy and the mineral tinted moisturizers.

Market District

Vitiana has been in the beauty industry since 2013 and graduated from North Florida Cosmetology. She specializes in eyelash extensions, silk presses for natural hair and sew in extensions. Vitiana is very passionate about the beauty industry and is ready to take your look to the next level! Her favorite Aveda product to use is the Smooth Infusion Collection.

Jen is from Mississippi and attended Mississippi Institute of Cosmetology, graduating in 2018. Her hobbies are painting and baking. She loves vivid colors and blonding but cutting is her passion. Her favorite product is the botanical repair shampoo and conditioner.

Ashley Goodson is a Massage Therapist and Full Specialist who was trained at the Aveda Institute in 2013. She is passionate about the maintenance of one’s self and believes that massage therapy contributes to a person’s overall well being for the mind, body, and spirit. She works to slowly engage with the body to assess what it needs, working to alleviate any tension or pain. Her style combines a mixture of Swedish and Deep-Tissue techniques to provide a relaxing, yet effective massage. In addition to massage she enjoys providing body treatments such as the Rosemary Mint Body Scrub. She understands that regular exfoliation of the skin and detoxification of the body can aid in both a healthier appearance and immune system.

Hannah is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the CORE institute of Somatic Therapy in 2011. Her massage style is Swedish relaxation and deep tissue. She also loves to incorporate stretching and sports massage techniques to her practice. Hannah is passionate about making her guests feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire experience at Soleil 7.
Brandee attended the Aveda Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana. She moved back down to be closer to her family in Georgia, where she is originally from. Her down time is spent with her family. Brandee has a soft spot for vivid colors and hair extentions. Her favorite products are the Nutriplenish and Botanical Repair Treatments.

Steve is an Aveda trained stylist since 2008. He was an educator at the Aveda institute St. Petersburg. He specializes in men’s and women’s cut and hair color. He loves playing music, skateboarding and hanging out with my son in my spare time.

Katina is a graduate of the Aveda institute Tallahassee for 4 years now. She is passionate for babylighting, foiling and also low maintenance hair. She is also certified in Vomor Hair extensions. She stands behind all Aveda products, especially the entire Damage remedy line.

Tara is a Tallahassee native. She has been with Aveda since 2007. She loves cutting, coloring and formal styles.

Adrienne has found that career where she doesn’t have to work a day in her life! Every person that sits in her chair is a new exciting challenge and no two heads are alike! Every person is a learning experience and new chance to treat every guest to a fabulous experience! Educated at the Aveda Institute, she has been a stylist for 8 1/2 years and looking forward to many more! Adrienne’s favorite Aveda Hair Care product is Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator because of the numerous purposes it serves and how it acts kind of like a primer to other products.